Monday, 20 November 2017

music: cyberpunk for cats

Apparently people and their cats like this piece. Gosh I do like using the u-he TyrellN6 VST a lot...

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

bird people stuff again! woah!!

mostly owl peeps tho haha
Berguv and one of his beloved ferrets.

Barnaby White.

Berguv doesn't like being hugged, I wonder why that is :C

Hoodie Crow, not an owl.

Jasper Owl, not from the same setting as my more 1920s-30s inspired bird gangsters but rather from an older more victorian-edwardian setting, aaaaa
clothing on winged humanoids is some bullshit

unnamed snowy owl lady and Lucy Delgado, the white-faced owl hairdresser.

Berguv as a small owlet.

splatoon 2 nonsense

July was not a very good month for art.

mostly misc shit.


up telescope! periscope. not telescope.